Terms of sale
Delivery dates:
APADANA BOOCKING SERVICES INC. ( Just Reface) makes every effort to meet the delivery dates as far as possible. We support to the promises made by our suppliers. The delivery period applies from receipt of a down payment of at least 40% of the order value. 
Withdrawal from the purchase contract due to delayed delivery is only possible if we have received written notice of this. 
The period of grace shall be equal to half of the originally agreed delivery period. Can we delivery periods only partially, this shall not entitle the customer to withdraw from the entire contract. 
Claims for damages due to delayed delivery are excluded.
Payment shall be made in writing as stated in the order confirmation and shall be due when the goods are ready for delivery. 
Acceptance of the goods is due. Deductions on the part of the customer, of any kind whatsoever, are not permitted and trigger the forfeiture of discounts or rebates granted. In the event of default in payment, the 
Gross invoice amount due immediately. Interest on arrears amounts to 12 % p.a. plus VAT.  
If the customer fails to meet his payment obligations despite a reminder and the setting of a 14-day deadline, we shall be entitled to entitled to withdraw from the purchase contract. 
Reminders and declarations of withdrawal are legally effective if they are sent to the address stated in the order confirmation. 
Address is dispatched. In the event of withdrawal from the contract of sale, we are entitled to the advance payment made as a to withhold the conventional penalty. 
Retention of title:
The goods remain the property of APADANA BOOCKING SERVICES INC.( Just Reface) until full payment has been received.
Ordered goods:
Should ordered goods no longer be available for reasons beyond our control, we will notify you immediately. Claims for damages are excluded. 
Default of acceptance:
If the customer does not accept the goods, APADANA BOOCKING SERVICES INC.( Just Reface)is entitled, at its option, to cancel the order, to demand performance of the contract or damages of 30% of the purchase price, regardless of the possibility, to claim any higher damages. 
Furthermore, APADANA BOOCKING SERVICES INC.( Just Reface) is entitled, from the first of the call date following the call date, to in the event of a delay in delivery by the end of the first month, the customer is entitled to demand storage costs in the amount of 1% of the purchase price per month. 
Obvious defects must be noted on the counter note upon acceptance. We reserve the right the defects or replacement of the delivered goods. The assertion of consequential damages is excluded. Reference was made to the wood, lacquer, fabric and leather specific properties.
Irrespective of the amount in dispute, the place of jurisdiction shall be Toronto.
Verbal ancillary agreements are invalid.