PU Marble Stone


Just Reface PU products are available in a wide range of colors and patterns for your room to look exactly the way you imagined it. The material prices are based on 4ft x 8ft sheet.


Features of artificial marble products
• Surface and texture similar to marble and other species with very clear and shiny surface
• Green and environmentally friendly product (not using any toxic chemical and 100% recyclable)
• Lightweight and portable, thin and very shock-resistant (3H-6H)
• Simple and transferable installation after installation
• Moisture (maximum absorption of one percent), water, acid and open
• Stay constant screen shape after a month of immersion in water without any deformity and expansion
• Fire retardent and in accordance with the global standard grid GB8624-2012 Grade B1)

In case of fire the panels are not fire and toxic gases do not emissions themselves, which is the ideal feature for building emergency routes in multi-user buildings, offices of apartments and walls in commercial units.
• Anti-glare and resistant to atmospheric changes
• Anti-ultraviolet waves and color fastness
• Anti-corrosion and wear
• Sound insulation and sound absorption up to 100 db
• Antibacterial and suitable for installation in laboratories, hospitals and health places such as bathrooms and restrooms
• Vermin Resistant
• Heat resistance and thermal and cold insulation changes
Durable low maintenance costs
• Cutting and carving, screw-out and peg
• Can be cleaned with a simple wipes, washable with water and all detergents
• High Flexible
• Recyclable

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